End your crypto tax reporting

Upload your trade, deposit and withdrawal data and we'll do the rest, providing you with clear and exhaustive cryptocurrency tax reports

Bitcoin & Crypto Tax Accounting Software

Coin Trade Ledger uses a custom built calculation engine specific for cryptocurrency tax calculation of profits and losses with unparalleled detail and accuracy

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Version 4 is here, our biggest update yet!

Our next version brings you Analytics.


& Block-chain Assets now supported. Add your crypto assets from your wallets and we will get your transaction data. Easy!

Block-chains Supported

Smart Chains and Simple Chains.. Transactions, fees and staking rewards are now supported.

New Transaction List
A powerful brand new interface for managing all your transactions in one place. View your profit/loss on a transaction, tag your deposits and withdrawals. You're in control.


The challenge

You are trading cryptocurrency, maybe using multiple exchanges...

You need to know how much profit or loss you've made so that you can submit your tax return and comply with your tax obligations...

..at the end of a period you need to know your current profit/loss standing. No problem, the exchange should provide that right?

Unfortunately, no. You can only see what you've bought & sold, the rest is up to you. How do you work out how much is profit or loss, especially since the rules can get complicated?

Coin Trade Ledger enables you to upload your data and produce profit & loss tax reports to see exactly where you stand for each trading account, each instrument and your entire portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

You can upload data via file upload (csv, Excel) or API (we connect directly to the exchange for you). Trades, deposits and withdrawals are supported and are included in the reports.

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A few easy steps and you're back in control of your trading positions

Add multiple accounts, one for each exchange you trade. Upload your trade, deposit and withdrawal data for each account and let us create your digital currency tax reports.

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FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, LOFO cost basis

Gains and losses are calculated on your chosen cost bases. You can choose your preferred basis that delivers the best tax outcome. Read more..

Currency Conversion

All trade realisations are converted to a fiat based currency supported by the exchange e.g. USD or USDT. You can see your overall position across all exchanges as a single value. You can also nominate a secondary currency conversion for your region if the exchange doesn't support your local currency. Read more..

Not only sells result in a realisation

Sure, you would expect the calculation engine to calculate a realisation from a sell transaction but what about a BUY transaction? Yes, when you're using a coin to buy a coin you are also releasing ('selling') the coin used for the purchase. Confused? Don't worry we take care of that too. Read more..

Clear and detailed cryptocurrency tax reports

We support both capital gains report with long-term and short-term capital gains. All cryptocurrency transactions are accounted for and if there's anything we can't find, like a sale without a previous balance, we'll tell you about it. Read more..

Why you should choose Coin Trade Ledger

When deciding where to put your data consider the following advantages which making us stand out from the rest


We won't let you import the same data set twice. We'll also alert you if we suspect a record might be a duplicate and you can choose to keep it or delete it.

No need to tamper with your exchange's export files

Other services require a specific format for uploading exchange data. Don't bother, we have configured our imports to each exchange's requirements.

Fix issues with your data

We will highlight any issues with your data like a sale without funds or assets to support that sale. You can choose different options for handling these fixes. The control is in your hands.

Minute-to-Minute Price Data

Our price archive contains minute-to-minute trade data for assets and currencies. This means when we do a price lookup, it's the most accurate price possible.

Your data is secure

SSL encryption, password hashing, database encryption and secure servers ensures your data is secure at all times. We don't allow access to any third parties and your data is never shared.

Not just one-off tax reports

Produce tax reports for as many tax years as you need with all your transaction history in one place. You can generate as many reports as you need without extra charge.

Create as many trading accounts as you need

You can separate your data into trading accounts. One for each exchange or even many for each exchange. The choice is yours on how you want to group your data.

Build for Accountants as well

If you're an accountant, look no further. We can set you up so that you can service all you clients with one login. Each client can have multiple trading accounts as well.

Capital Gains Report

Two capital gains reports are available: a detailed version showing every trade and a concise version showing each asset's total losses/gains. You can choose which trading accounts are included in this report.

This PDF report shows data in sections such as fees, capital losses, short term gains and long term gains with totals for each section. The final page Includes a summary with total losses carried forward, fees, short-term, long-term realisations and more.

View an example capital gains report.
The Future is bright.

Underpinning our system is a software solution designed with ingenuity at its heart. To solve the problem of supporting the many crypto-exchanges in the market place, we have created a system that can adapt quickly to changes as well as allow a new exchange to be added with minimal fuss.

In fact, we can add a new exchange in as little as one hour. If we don't yet support your exchange, just send us your data and we'll add it asap.

Get started with a variety of plans to suit your situation

Each plan requires a one off payment. Choose from a variety of packages to suit your trading volume.

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Auto API Imports
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Frequently asked questions about our plans
How many transactions?
Choose your package based on the number of trades you want to add.
Can I upgrade after purchase?
Yes! You can always upgrade to a bigger plan if you need to process more crypto transactions. Just pay the difference in price between the two plans.
Can I add transactions from any period, and produce a tax reports for many periods?
Yes! You can add transactions from any period to your account. You are not limited to any one financial year.
What are Auto API Imports?
We will import data from your exchanges on a reoccurring basis. Just set and forget.

Start building your cryptocurrency tax reports with Coin Trade Ledger.