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The world knows that El Salvador is the first country in the world that approves Bitcoin as a legal tender, alongside the US dollar.

Good news for all foreign investors: El Salvador does not tax Bitcoin income and capital gains. They do this to draw foreign investment into their economy.

You also need to know that Bitcoins are accepted in business transactions. The 2021 Legislation reinforces that every payee MUST accept bitcoin as payment when offered to them. From buying groceries to buying cars, you can use Bitcoin. The government even made the "Chivo Wallet" app to trade bitcoins for dollars with no transaction fee.

EL SALVADOR: Bitcoin used as a legal tender, No Income or Capital Gains Tax on Bitcoin
MALAYSIA: Crypto is not seen as a capital asset nor legal tender, Tax-free non-repetitive crypto transactions for individual investors


Malaysia doesn't treat cryptocurrency as a capital asset nor a legal tender. Crypto transactions are tax-free, given that you're an individual investor and only make crypto transactions occasionally.

If the transactions are repetitive that they're seen as a regular source of income –- just like what a day trader does -- tax will be imposed on your revenue. Malaysia will also impose income tax on any profits generated from crypto for businesses.


First thing first, note that UAE imposes tax on goods and services purchased with cryptocurrencies through VAT (Value Added Tax).

But, United Arab Emirates doesn't charge Income or Capital Gains Tax for individual crypto investors. There are also no reporting requirements for crypto investors in Dubai.

With the amazing infrastructure and favorable tax system, Dubai truly is attractive for crypto investors. If you are moving to Dubai and becoming a resident there you can benefit lower or no tax compliance requirements.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: No Income or Capital Gains Tax for Individual Crypto Investors, No Reporting Requirements
SWITZERLAND: No Income or Capital Gains Tax for Individual Crypto Investors, Income Tax & Wealth Tax upon Crypto Mining & Professional Trading


With the nickname 'crypto valley', Switzerland has particular crypto tax laws that can be heard as both good and bad news.

The bad news: Crypto Miner & qualified day traders need to pay Income Tax and Wealth Tax. The Wealth Tax Rate varies from around 0.3 to 0.5 percent, which can also depend on which Canton (member state) you live in.

Good news:
crypto profits coming from individual investors — who don’t trade on a professional level – are exempted from Capital Gains Tax. So it's a great country for beginners and occasional individual investors!


Known as 'blockchain island' as it allows crypto as a store of value and exchange medium, Malta will not impose Capital Gains Tax on long-term profit generated from crypto investment. Hence, it really is a crypto tax haven for you who like to hold crypto for a while and sell it at a greater value.

But, note that qualified crypto day traders may be subjected to a business income tax – yet it depends on which bracket you fall in. You may need to pay tax from 0 up to 35%. Just check Maltese Tax Systems to see if there’s a chance for you to pay no tax at all!

MALTA: Free Tax on Long-term Capital Gains, Possibility of Business Income Tax on Crypto Trading

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Different countries have different tax rules on cryptocurrency.

If you’re living in a crypto-tax-free country, you still need to keep track and evaluate your trading performance using reliable software tools.

If you’re living NOT in tax havens, doing tax with a specific standard can be overwhelming.

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